Granular Fertilisers

The primary function of Advanced Agri is to provide a comprehensive range of high quality and well-priced granular fertilisers, which growers use as a primary nutrient source. The products in this range may be adapted and adjusted with the incorporation of trace elements, coatings of various kinds (including proven organic acid based ones) and the use of effective ‘ultra-fine’ calcitic limestone, dolomitic limestone and gypsum based granular components.

All product features are designed to make growers and growing environments more efficient.

All products are manufactured in facilities which meet international standards of production excellence, which are located in logistically realistic locations.

  • Straights
  • Bulk Blends


Granulated Calcium Products

The key to this unique range of products lies with the quality and particle size of the components as well as the suitability of the granules. These products can be applied in normal ‘spreading’ type operations in coincidence with fertiliser applications or at suitable times during the year when normal ‘liming’ operations would take place or at other convenient times.

These products allow realistic amendments to adjust soil acidity levels and the addressing of calcium availability in a fast and effective way.

These products are ideal for use on precision farming practices and allow for very accurate applications of both calcium in various forms as well as required trace elements.

  • Calcitic Limestone
  • Gypsum
  • Dolomitic Limestone


  • Commodity Liquid Fertilisers
  • UAN
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Liquid Ammonium Polyphosphate

Advanced Precision

The tendency for many (especially large scale) farmers is to adopt “precision farming” methods which enable growers to adopt more technically advanced farming methods in growing produce as well as improving efficiency and reducing the substantial risk factors involved in modern farming and improving “The Bottom Line”. Advanced Agri has the necessary expertise to advise and supply inputs into this kind of environment.

We utilise only the best qualified and most practically experienced professional advisors.

We oversee soil and tissue sampling, analysis of computer generated mapping systems, advise on soil ‘balancing’ and plant nutrition requirements (and how to carry out these operations most cost effectively).

We also analyse crop production reports and co-ordinate these with nutrition application programmes.

We do these things in the field every day with a wide range of crops.

Advanced Logistics

We understand that the effective use of logistics is critical in agriculture and we have been applying logistical solutions in agricultural environments for thirty five years.

We control all logistics undertaken by Advanced Agri internally for better control and peace of mind (ours’ and our customer’s). If customers require a ‘self-loading facility’ we address this too.


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