Advanced Agri is a South African based fertiliser company.

It was established to address new African agricultural trends with a focus on the cost effective production of food, timber, oil and fibre with limited environmental impact.

The approach is through the promotion of soil fertility (both in terms of the building humus and promoting the availability of nutrients to plants) and efficient plant nutrition.

The implementation of what we do takes into account the resources available to growers (including: growing conditions – such a soil characteristics and composition, nutrient sources such as fertiliser materials, man power, levels of mechanisation, and type of agriculture – including crop selection)

In order to enable better service to be provided to the customer and to make him better able to make the right decisions we provide the following services:

  • Agronomic services
  • Logistics
  • Precision farming methods
  • Speciality products focussed on enabling the grower to fine tune his growing methods and obtain the best results possible.

The company includes a merger of experience, talent and scientific expertise.


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