Advanced Agri is proud to announce the introduction of three important calcium-based granular products into the market, CALSU, DOLCA, and SULCA. These nutrients assist farmers to treat their soil with a greater measure of control and precision than ever before.

CALSU is an ultra fine granulated calcitic limestone with a guaranteed particle size of 40 micron and an effective calcium carbonate equivalent) of 100%. CALSU is a handy product to manage ground purity exactly and neutralise the annual re-acidification from 0.1 to 0.2 pH units. CALSU quickly raises the soil pH, improving the functioning of pH-sensitive herbicides.

DOLCA is granulated micronised dolomitic limestone with a mean particle size of

40 microns and provides an effective method and tool to manage soil acidity.

DOLCA is available in combination with a soil ameliorant, macro elements and trace elements to improve soil quality and stability.The typical analysis is: 65% calcium carbonate, 30% magnesium carbonate, organic acids and trace elements on request and added onrecommendation.

SULCA is a granulated micronised calcium sulphate, specifically formulated and recommended according to soil analysis. SULCA is available in combination with a soil ameliorant, macro and trace elements to improve soil quality and stability. A typical package contains 23% calcium, 20% sulphate, organic acids and trace elements on request, added on recommendation.

These products are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to both humans and animals, and stimulate microbial activity in the soil. They dissolve quickly and go into suspension toprovide a fast reaction in the soil, which ensures a quick return on investment. These attributes make them suitable for application in all forms of cultivation.

Because the three products are dry, as opposed to standard agricultural lime or gypsum products, logistical efficiency in terms of transport costs is improved.

The products can be applied easily with standard spreaders and are designed with accurate product application in mind, which is critical for precision farming.

All three products are dust free and available in 50kg, 500kg, and 1 tonne bags. They can be stored for long periods without losing product integrity or stability. The products have been developed to be blended with granular fertilisers, improving efficiency.